Clarity Consultants

The CA PPM Technical Specialists for
Support, Consultancy and Training Services

Clarity Consultants specialises in technical training and general consultancy for CA PPM. We have experience dating from NIKU 6, and we've carried out installations and upgrades to CA PPM 15.3 with Jaspersoft and the Data Warehouse.

Our specialist services are provided either in-house or on site, working directly with end-clients or via intermediaries.

Our consultants have a proven delivery track record focusing on:

  • Clarity Installation and Upgrades
  • Reporting & Training in Jaspersoft (Ad-Hoc and Studio), NSQL, XOG and GEL
  • Interface Development
  • Portlet Writing
  • Process Creation
  • CAPA Installation and Uploads
  • Specialist Bespoke Package Development
  • ITROI Integration Toolset
  • Pemari Curve/BLOB Cracking Library

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